When you’re going through a heartbreak, angry at the world, depressed or sad, sometimes as a woman all that you really need is someone to talk you through it and let you know that everything is going to be okay. Talking to the right “someone” can help ease your mind and get you on the right track.

That’s the main purpose of my blogs and writings — to talk to women in the way that I needed someone to talk to me when I was going through a rough spot in life. I was depressed, extremely unhappy, grieving and just “not myself” after a number of personal struggles. I found my way back to the “light” by reading and listening to the words of enlightened teachers and finally taking personal responsibility for my life.

This is also the main reason why I wrote:

Why Doesn’t He Love Me? (And More Questions that We Women Torture Ourselves Over).

Why Doesn't He Love Me? Life and Dating Advice Book for Women
Why Doesn’t He Love Me?

You see, sometimes the answer to your question is right in front of you, but the fog of confusion, personal strife and anger prevents you from seeing it.

Why Doesn’t He Love Me? addresses a variety of questions that women often ask themselves privately or their friends in conversation. Here is a listing of the chapters:

#1: Why Doesn’t He Love Me?
#2: Why Do I Seem to Keep Picking the Same Bad Guys Over and Over Again?
#3: How Can He Just Forget Me So Easily?
#4: Why Didn’t He Call Me? I Thought He Liked Me?
#5: Should I Answer a Guy Who Calls Out of the Blue After Many Months?
#6: When Should I Sleep with Him?
#7: Why Doesn’t My FWB (Friend with Benefits) Want to Become My Boyfriend?
#8: How Do You Know That It’s Love or That You’ve Met “The One” (Your Soulmate)?

#9: Why Doesn’t Anyone Appreciate All That I Do for Them?
#10: Why Doesn’t My Family Understand and Accept Me?
#11: Why Are Women Given So Much More Responsibility Than Men?
#12: How Do I Leave Him (Or Get Him to Leave)?

#13: Why Do I Feel So Crappy All of the Time?
#14: Why Am I Depressed or Sad All of the Time?
#15: Why Do I Feel Like I’m Just “Not Enough?”
#16: Why Can’t I Just Be Happy?
#17: How Do I Deal with Being Alone During the Holidays?
#18: How Do I Pull Myself Out of a Blue Funk Quickly?

#19: Why Can’t I Get Ahead Financially?
#20: Should I Follow My Dream or Keep Working At My Job?
#21: Why Does It Take So LONG for Good Things to Happen in My Life?

#22: Why Isn’t Life Fair?
#23: How Do I Become More Empowered and Fulfilled, Starting Today?
#24: What’s the Meaning of Life?
#25: How Do I Find Happiness?

As you can see, these topics that are very high on the concern list for many women. Some answer life’s basic questions with a combination of love and logic, while others leave the question somewhat open-ended so that you can answer it for yourself.

Why Doesn’t He Love Me? is available as a square paperback and an Audible Audiobook. I personally prefer audiobooks because you can multitask and listen to them while working out, cooking or even working. I turn one on just about every morning as I lay in bed preparing for a new day. Also, Audible is offering a special promotion at the moment — your first book is free (just use your existing Amazon ID to log in).

The paperback version is designed as a handy little book that you can tuck into your purse or leave on your nightstand to read a few pages before bed.

Answers for Women…
As I state in the introduction of Why Doesn’t He Love Me?, the answers that I provide give me a sense of personal peace and you have to find the answers that will give you yours. This book is a good starting point for you or a loved one who is currently going through a tough time in life.

I hope that you will enjoy my new book. Every page was written with love.
Be blessed and be great!

Love Lynn

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Why Doesn't He Love Me? Life and Dating Advice Book for Women
Why Doesn’t He Love Me?
Let Him Chase You Book

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