Pulling Out of a Dark Place to Find the Light

SLT_frontcoverI had all but given up on life. I decided I would just lay down in my bed all day and wait to somehow wither away. I was going through a severe bout with depression after losing someone near and dear to me who was pretty much the only person I could reliably call on in times like those.

My freelance business was struggling and money was extremely tight; I mean, going into the change jar to buy some soup tight. I was indescribably angry with my family and the people who I thought were my friends for not being there for me in a time of need. Though I wasn’t eating much, I gained some weight and became bloated due to my heavy mind state and lack of activity. I didn’t talk to anyone. My hair looked horrible and I felt ugly. And I was all alone. I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

“Why am I even here?” I asked myself constantly. “I don’t matter to anyone. No one cares.”

Then one day I had a revelation as I was doing some much needed yard work. For some reason I decided to listen to an audiobook entitled “The Power” while doing it. Much like the author, I began to have an awakening as to why I was experiencing what I was going through in life up to that point.

I created it all. And only I could change it…

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You Are Not Alone

Many of us who go through tough experiences go through them believe that we’re the only ones struggling.

The truth is that a lot of people are going through the experience that I described above on some level but are too ashamed to ask for help or tell the truth about it.

So I decided to write a little book about the lessons that I learned along the way that finally pulled me out of my dark place and into the light. Maybe this can help spark someone else the way countless audiobooks and motivational messages got me on the right track.

Steps Toward Thriving

I remember walking down the street toward my middle school as a youngster wondering “what is the meaning of life?”

Well now I know.

The contents of my book Survive, Live or Thrive? stay on my mind like sweet juicy strawberries and sunny Sunday afternoons. I suspect that it won’t be the only book I write on this subject matter as the ideas about having a positive mindset and living life on your own terms have pretty much consumed my life.

The main idea of the book is that surviving and just living (getting by) isn’t enough — we’re meant to thrive as humans. Then we’re supposed to help make the world better in our own small (and large) ways. That’s the goal. That’s the meaning of life. There are 5 straightforward sections:

– pursuing your dreams
– making money
– dating and relationships
– family relationships
– loving yourself

One thing I mention at the beginning of the book is that the advice is for everyone, including ME. I still have some areas where I am working toward thriving myself, such as in my relationships. I still have times when I feel down. I still have moments where I feel frustrated. The only difference is that now I know what’s happening so I can quickly pull myself out of it and keep pushing forward. I continually work on myself every day. Even superheroines like Oprah admit that they are still working on themselves in various areas.

So let Survive, Live or Thrive? be your start.

The main message of the book is that the only true solution to any of our problems in life comes back to love. We have to love what we do, we have to love the people in our lives and we have to love / freely accept money if we want more of it in our lives.

Most of all, we have to love ourselves. Lucille Ball said it best:

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

The topics I address in this book include:

– why are some of us stuck in dead and jobs and not fully pursuing our dreams? (3 simple reasons are addressed in Part 1)

– why don’t you have any money? Maybe because you don’t have a good idea of what you’d do with it if you did! (See what I have to say about this in Part 2)

– why are 73% of people unhappy and settling in their love relationships, and how you can avoid joining them (see Part 3)

– how family members can be a major force of good or negativity in our lives, and how we can best manage them (see Part 4)

– how what you say to yourself every day is creating and shifting your life (see Part 5)

– who or what is really responsible for all of our troubles in life? (Get the answer in the section entitled “Bringing it all Together”)

SLT_frontcoverReasons why you should get Survive, Live or Thrive? today:

– you’re feeling “stuck in a rut” and don’t know how to get out of it

– you have bouts of depression or just feeling down and out about your life

– you have conflicts with your family members, friends and significant others

– you are angry or fearful all of the time

– you feel as if you’re stuck in a bad cycle that’s never ending

– you need some encouragement in your day to keep moving forward

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